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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unique Test Online?

Answer : Unique Test Online is a platform for 9th, 10th, 1st year and 2nd year students to check their-self that how they are performing in their class subjects. Students can measure that how they can score in their exams. For this student has not any need of teacher to check their test. After completion of test user will get the test result checked by the computer.

Unique Online test System is a project of UNIQUE GROUP of INSTITUTIONS (UGI).

How to create new account?

Answer : To create a new account you have to register yourself on Unique Test Online. To register please fill all the compulsory fields of the registration form. Please enter a Unique User name if this name already exist then choose any other user name for your account and then click on “Create Unique User” button. After this you will receive an email at your email address with account name and password. Now you can login in Unique Test Online using these credentials.

How to recover your password if you forget it?

Answer : if you forget your password then you can recover it using “Forget Password” link in Login panel. Enter your Unique user name then click on “Get New Password”. You will receive an email with new password. Now you can login using this password.

Who can use this Unique Test Online?

Answer : Login at Unique Test Online, if you have not account then register yourself.
after login your profile page will open. Here you can change your information. Then for new test click on “New Unique Test” Button.
Select your Class, Subject, Number of Questions and Test Level then click on “Start New Unique Test”. Now your test is ready, you can access yourself.

What is Test Level?

Answer : Test level is introduced for all kind of students. Basically each question in this test has three(3) level Easy, Normal and Difficult. Following is details for test level.

Test Levels Easy Questions Normal Questions Difficult Questions
Level-1 70% 20% 10%
Level-2 30% 50% 20%
Level-3 20% 30% 50%

You can choose any level as per your interest.

What is Test Time/duration?

Answer : In Unique test time is equal for each question (1 minute). If your test has 10 questions, then you have 10 minutes to take this test. A timer is running on top left corner of your test. After times-up your test will be finished automatically.

If you finish your test before time then press finished button.

Which classes/subjects are offered by UOTS?

Answer : This test is for 9th, 10th, 1st year & 2nd year classes and each subject of these classes which are English medium.

Class Name Physics Chemistry Biology Computer Math
1st Year
2nd Year